The Right Course is a new initiative, which seeks to transform staff restaurants in prisons into high street like operations / businesses using existing facilities and equipment and at no cost to the tax payers. The restaurants will be run by prisoners for the benefit of all in the prison system.

The Right Course also aims to introduce:

  • Take away and delivery services
  • Peer to peer food delivery, underpinned by the values of top quality service
  • Showcase restaurant events with top chefs to showcase the potential of prisons to be a source of skilled professionals within the hospitality sector as well as engage and empower the prisoners to embrace a profession in hospitality.

The Right Course is driven by the concept that hospitality is about always giving first and generously. Reaping the rewards will always come as result but it will come as a consequence of self-belief, hard work. and discipline.

Our aims are:

  • To transform the staff restaurants in all London prisons, with a view to expanding The Right Course across the UK
  • To run staff restaurants like high street restaurants, at no cost to the tax payer, using existing personnel, equipment and resources
  • To transform the aspirations and prospects of inmates, who will gain nationally recognised qualifications, direct work experience and potential employment in the hospitality sector on their release.

A special showcase event will take place on 21 February 2017 at HMP/YOI Isis, with chef Chris Thompson from Zelman Meats. To book your tickets for this event please email therightcourse@dmtfyp.org. Please note that entry is subject to approval by the prison.